Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The all-encompassing one-line vision!

It's kinda funny when all your life you run around after that elusive purpose that can give you a sense of direction, and then one fine day you just bump into it out of the blue! I have always found it difficult to just float through life, and everyday I just need to know exactly what I am doing with my life and how I am growing as a person. If that does not happen, then I just end up going to bed feeling incomplete about myself! Of course, many times I also play semantics games with myself to justify some things I just want to do, but that don't really fit into the bigger picture! But, I more often than not forgive myself for these inconsistencies! What's the use of getting a 6.9 on 7 in self-knowledge in CPI if one is not able to game one's own behaviour, right?! But, that's really not the point of this post.

This morning Barood suddenly came up with a vision for Quetzal. I don't know if it is appropriate to write it here, but I am so kicked about it that I am getting goosebumps since morning! When he told us, though Bubs and Bhush had their reservations, but I instantly adopted it as the purpose of my own life. I just knew that, in a nutshell, that vision statement summed up that higher sense of purpose that I had been desperatey looking for all these years. At the risk of sounding too dramatic, I want to say that it was the search for that sense of purpose that drove me to read a few works in philosophy, it is that sense of purpose that made a Victor Frankl survive the concentration camp at Auschwitz (ref: A Man's Search for Meaning), it is that sense of purpose that will be the biggest stone (ref: the story about filling a jar with the big stones first) in my life, it is that sense of purpose that will forever give me perspective about right and wrong, it is that sense of purpose that gives me infinite joy in just striving for it, and it is that sense of purpose that is so much higher than me that it is worth giving my life for! Whether I achieve it or die trying, I will forever have the joy of believing that my life had a purpose!


  1. Well.. I would like to raise a question... Aren't we all born with a certain purpose? In other words, should we create a purpose in our lives, or understand the purpose for which we have taken birth?

  2. Somehow, this thing stuck in my head, and suddenly, as a flash, something occurred to me today.

    It seems to me that the highest purpose of life is work itself. Only thing being that the work is constructive. It should benefit the society, the nation and the world. It doesn't matter what is done, so long as it is beneficial to all.

    Further, this is the only way to practice Karma Yoga. Work is the sole purpose of life.

  3. During the last one year, I have heard different friends who have found the "elusive connects" in their lives, the purpose. For one it is exploring the consciousness, for another it is making a difference to our society (read the urban India). I have been thinking myself about it. I can't say I have found one. But I can sense a deep desire to institution building, through which an embodiment of values are kind of immortalized.

    I can sense the happiness and joy in all my friends who have their found connect. The pursuit and the journey itself create an atmosphere that is so addictive.

  4. 'A man who won't die for something is not fit to live' - that something alone is the ultimate purpose...that gives that ultimate meaning and excitement. Is your 'PURPOSE STATEMENT' so strong that you can die for??? then i am sure sometime later u will redefine it...Good Luck and hope u will find that ultimate purpose and have the courage to follow it. ;-P