Monday, July 23, 2007

Life means more!

The last few months of entrepreneurship have been so completely mind-blowing in terms of my learning curve that I have had several occasions when I have let the "learning" just zip past, unable to do justice to it because of lack of bandwidth! At one level, it is damn exciting to be so busy and so involved in something that I'm really passionate about, but at another level, it hurts to let those exciting ideas and important lessons that deserved to be dwelled upon just go by! And to think that it is all because of a bandwidth crunch, when all my life I have prided myself in my "life means more" philosophy! Of course, this is one of the reasons why I had chosen to be an entrepreneur! I wanted to be thrown out of my comfort zone where I believed that I could smoothly manage a lifestyle in which I would do full justice to my work, apart from reading, gymming, picking up a new hobby, and spending time with myself and with the people I love! I enjoy being in the "constant optimization of time" mode, but only when it yields something substantial, only when I can drop dead asleep every night knowing that I have done so many wonderful things during the day, only when I can wake up every morning with the thrill of the unpredicatbility of the challenges that I know the day will throw in front of me, only when I know deep inside that I am living my life to the fullest, and not just appearing to be busy or stuck in an activity trap!
So, as I am discovering for myself, entrepreneurship is not just about risk-taking, it's not just about freedom and wealth, it's not just about dreaming! Entrepreneurship is also about getting more out of life; it is also about being constantly alert to external stimuli; it is also about bursting with well-thought-out ideas, it is also about rigorous planning and still having to think on one's feet, it is also about knowing that you have reached the peak of your personal bandwidth and then very nonchalantly creating some more! So, as this happy realization dawns upon me, I figure that as far as I'm concerned entrepreneurship is all about growth!


  1. :)
    im gettin to like this blog.

  2. an eye opening post for smone like me who aspires to be an enterprenuer bt still hasnt figured out when,how n probably why(?)...
    just fascinated by the way some of d most intriguing questions of my life are being answered on ur blog..n for tat,need to thank u..

    P.S : ur interpretation of 'Illusion'makes me realize tat i now need to re-read it..

  3. Woh! you've taken the fundamentals of my philosophy to a great extent.. guess I couldn't have verbalized this any better.. so am borrowing from this post for my page on LiL

    I run Onelife.. that defines largely the same philosophy of life that you speak about.. we should talk more about it sometime..

    Cheers and rock on!

  4. Hi Vineeta,

    I am Dheep, one of Kaushik's friends. I must say that your posts are damn inspiring. At a loss of words to describe how much I respect and admire your thoughts, words and action.

    God bless,